Residential Moves

Residential local moving

You have found your dream home and now you are moving. Let’s go over some quick moving facts, move preparation tips and some good ideas to get ready for your movers.

Eliminate clutter

It’s time to let go of some of that junk that has been building up over the years. Keep in mind the less stuff your movers have to move the cheaper your moving cost will be. It’s a good idea to begin with the large items and work your way down to the smaller items one room at a time. You can start a corner in your garage or spare room. Once you collect everything that you can do without it’s time to contact your local second hand charity stores. You could order a small dumpster or even have a yard sale.

Packing supplies

Buying the right stuff will really make a difference. Using grocery store boxes is not the best idea. Because of the various sizes they are difficult to create a square uniform tier in the moving van. They sometimes have damage and weak sides and won’t protect your belongings like a new moving box.

  1. Cartons – Assorted sizes. Buy extra and return unused portions
  2. Tape – We recommend pressure sensitive tape or paper tape.
  3. Tape dispenser – or scissors. We recommend tape dispenser.
  4. Packing paper – We strongly recommend unprinted paper.
  5. Shrink wrap – Never apply directly to leather or finished surface, Use sheets or paper.
  6. Bubble wrap – For your pictures, knick knacks, and fine China.
  7. Markers and labels – We recommend variety of colors to code your cartons per room.

Make a check list

Write everything down and begin a check list. Before you begin to pack anything you will need to create a record keeping system. Even though your move will be local it could take a couple of weeks before you get to unpack and organize all of your boxes. By creating a simple record keeping system you will be able to locate your most needed items quickly. For easy placement by color coding your cartons you can have them placed in the proper rooms.


We recommend using a colored tote for your most important items you will need immediately once you arrive at your new home such as medication, leases, alarm clocks, night lights, clean sheets, a set of work clothes, toilet paper, bath soap, towel, washcloth, hair brush, and most important of all do not forget to pack a new shower curtain.


If you plan to pack your own cartons you can get some really good packing tips here. Keep in mind to keep your cartons organized and light enough to carry. While you are clearing your clutter you can start packing anything that you will not need in the next few weeks. If it’s summer time, pack your winter clothes and get them out of the way. Clear your closets and live out of your suitcases and duffel bags. You can pack your books and magazines. You get the idea. It’s a process of elimination until the last box is packed.

Preparing furniture

Do not polish your furniture because it will make them slippery to handle and could leave imprints from moving pads. It is recommended to use a dry cloth to dust them off. In the moving industry time is money. You can take steps to save your self some money. If you are not a handyman there are still things you can do to save the movers some time. Here is a list of ideas to get you started.

  1. Remove shelves and shelf pins on bookcases and lower them to the bottom, Put your pins in a sealed baggie and tape them to the inside.
  2. Unplug your TV’s and secure the cord.
  3. Disconnect your computers and place cords in a small box.
  4. Remove lamp shades and light bulbs.
  5. Remove linens and dust covers from beds.
  6. Remove large pictures from walls.
  7. Disconnect washer/dryer or have a handyman prepare these.

Moving day

Take a deep breath and relax. Your movers are on their way. You do your last minute stuff while the movers are loading. Take this time to brighten up your rooms by opening your blinds. Have your pets secured or picked up by your pet sitter. Move your vehicles out of the drive way or move them to the far opposite side of your sidewalk. Chances are your movers will park in the road but they will need a clear walk way to your door from the road. Don’t forget to keep some last minute items handy such as your vacuum, cleaning supplies, car keys, and your wallet.

Arriving at your new home

It is a good idea to send someone ahead of the movers arriving to open up the home. If it is winter you may want to turn on the heat and open blinds and curtains. If it is summer turn on some fans or air conditioner. Keep in mind that the heat will drain the movers of their energy quickly and that can slow down your entire move. If your home has been freshly painted crack some windows and get some fresh air moving through the rooms. Try to keep parking clear from your local contractors, cleaning crews, etc. Just remember time is money. Proper planning can really expedite your move and your movers will appreciate it. Please browse through our website for more movers tips and moving suggestions.

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