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Phoenix Office Moving:

Choosing your new office location is obviously very important to your company. You have to take many things into consideration such as employee / customer parking, visibility, office interior space, layout for your type of business, etc., but that is your specialty. Our specialty is moving your office. We will go over some ideas for organizing, preparing, packing tips, and much more. Whether you are downsizing or expanding you will need some assistance getting moved into your new office and that’s what we are here for. 

Once you set a specific moving date it’s time to take the steps to make the transition. You will want to make sure you set your move date far enough in advance to prepare for everything that needs to happen in a sequence. You will need to plan for things such as remodel, phones systems, computer networking, signage, packing, and much more.

There are too many variables to write a comprehensive office moving page. There are many differences between moving a dentist office, doctor office, retail store, insurance office, or a simple home office. Lets take for example a lawyers office being pretty cut and dry because it’s mostly all books, and few computers but how about a dentist office with hydraulic lift chairs, expensive dental instruments, and lab equipment. So we will cover some common basics here that may or may not apply to your specific move.
Notification of move: You will want to notify employees, customers/ clients, vendors, and the general public of your move. You may want to print up many copies to make available with information such as moving date, new address with a map, new phone numbers if any. Purchase a small red stamp “Note new Address” to stamp on invoices and receipts. You may even try getting some publicity from local newspapers, local news channel, etc.
Printing: Plan to spend some time with your printing company unless you print in house. Make a list of everything you will need printed with your new location address. Remember your stationery: Ideally, all of your business forms, from letter heads to stationary to company checks. Don’t forget your website, business cards and advertising.

Inventory: You need to take an inventory of everything. You will need to back up any computers and save to disk. Sort through and toss, donate, or recycle unneeded items. Now is a good time to destroy paper work that’s not needed. You will want to make your move as simple and light as possible.

Measure: You will want to spend some time measuring and planning where everything will be placed. Measure twice and move once is a good rule of thumb.

Once you decide on a move date you will need to contact your movers or search for a reputable local moving company that specializes in small office moves. We are here to help you in any way possible. We will visit your office and get detailed information about your move and go through all of your options to help you make a wise decision to make your transition go smoothly. We are very aware of deadlines and we will work with you to be sure your deadlines are met. We will recommend things you can do on your part to help keep moving cost down to a minimum and still retain safety during your relocation. You may even want to designate someone in your office to coordinate the entire move.

We recommend if at all possible having each employee pack up their own desk and personal belongings. You may even have each employee take their own computer and any thing else that they could fit into their personal vehicle. This will save your company money and it will ensure that each computer arrives when it is needed and power cords will most likely be with the computer and won’t have to be searched for.

We do offer full service office moving but the cost is likely to be much higher than if we move the large items such as desk, dividers, file cabinets, etc. You are already paying your employees to be there you might as well have them move their personal stuff and maybe even a little more. If a little is moved over at a time then it makes it much faster for move and set up on your moving day so you can be back up and running with very little time lost and when you are in business time is money.

Here is a list of procedures that will need to be preformed on or prior to move day whether we do it or your workers do it. This will save a lot of time on move day and make more time to get you moving in a positive forward direction.

Preparing for moving day:

1. Desks – Empty all contents from desk tops and drawers.

2. File cabinets – Need to be emptied and organized into file boxes with lids or sealed.

3. Computers – All computers, electronics and phone systems will need to be disconnected. We do not disconnect them.

4. Pictures – All pictures, painting, art, and wall hangings will need to taken down from walls and placed in neat stacks lined up for packing, bubble wrapping, padding, etc.

5. Restrooms – Pack up restrooms and cleaning supplies. This is something your workers can do the day before the move. If you have a public shared restroom at your new location be sure to obtain a key before move day.

6. Books – Will need to be packed in boxes. It is recommended to lay books flat so it keeps pressure off from the binders.

7. Paper work – It would be a good idea to have your secretary or other persons organize all forms, invoices, letterheads, etc. and have a small amount available to get you through for a few days and pack the remainder.

8. Copier / Printers – It is highly recommended to have the manufacturer dealer service these items and lock the heads. It is not recommended to move them without this prior service. If it’s a rental they may prohibit moving it your self.

9. Fire hazards – It is highly recommended to check and test all fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and placement of fire extinguishers before move day to be sure they are in normal operating condition.

10. Phones – Keep your phones on at both locations if this is possible. If that’s not possible maybe you can use call forwarding service. You don’t want to miss any important business calls.

11. Parking – Please be sure that you make special arrangements for parking our large moving vans. You could be charged extra for unexpected shuttles or long carry. It would be advisable that most employees not be present on the day of the move.

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