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Phoenix Moving Company Services

We recognize that we ARE in the service industry!  We love to serve our customers and all of their individual needs. Here you will find a short description of the services we provide. All services come with a good attitude and a smile. We are here to serve all of your moving needs and answer any of your moving questions and concerns.

  • Residential Home Moves- We recognize that our residential customers have special needs.  When you are moving from a home, there are back yard grills, kids swings, the many objects that collect in the garage, etc. Can often present their challenges and with our years of experience we can take the stress off from you.
  • Office Moves – When a small business decides to move from one location to another, companies like Frontier Apartment Movers recognize that your schedules, your customers, our punctuality, and many other smaller details are specific to the success with moving your business. Check out our office preparation and office moves checklist to help you.
  • Apartment Moves- We specialize in all size apartments and condos. We are professional movers and have years of knowledge and experience with all aspects of apartment moving. Maneuvering  furniture up and down stairs is our specialty.
  • Confidential Moves-  We provide complete confidential moves. If you are going through a divorce, separating from your partner, or you are trying to avoid a stalker, debt collectors, etc. Please be sure to alert our office immediately of your unique situation and depth of confidentiality needed. We will not give your information to anyone and your movers will be instructed in advance. For more details of  how we will protect your information, please contact us.
  • Additional Stop Moves – We provide service for the multi-stop moves. If you need to make an extra stop to put an item in storage or pick up your extra items we provide that service for a small added fee.
  • Unload / Loading Your Rental Truck- We offer labor only services to those of you that are moving into the area or leaving the area. We specialize in loading and unloading your rental trucks. We are professional in these areas. We are skilled and knowledgeable with packing your truck so you don’t arrive at your destination with a shifted load and damages. With our years of experience you can count on us to load / unload without delay.
  • Labor Only Services -  If you are remodeling your home, laying new carpet,  painting, rearranging your furniture or maybe just need to switch a guest bedroom or home office around we do all of that. We do anything residential or office related moving.
  • Storage Moving-  If you are moving into or out of a storage facility call on the professionals to the do the job right the first time. We will pack your belongings like a jig-saw puzzle and make the most of your space. You are paying good money for that space. We also load and unload your portable storage units.
  • Packing Service- We offer complete packing service. You can supply the packing materials or we can supply them. All of our packing supplies are purchased from a moving supply company so you won’t be receiving grocery store boxes and old newspapers. We are professionals in packing. When we pack your belongings you can expect them to safely make the trip whether it’s local or long distance. Why trust non-professionals with your fine China, Crystal, or any fragile items.
  • Shrink Wrap Service – We provide shrink wrap service for those special items that are going into storage or a rental truck or any other special packing needs. We don’t typically use it for local moves unless specifically requested. We take several other precautions that are less expensive to ensure your furniture is fully protected.
  • Unpacking Service – We provide unpacking service to those who just don’t have time to do it themselves or maybe you are recently injured and don’t want to risk more serious damage to your body. You can count on us to follow your directions and place your items exactly where they need to be.
  • Delivery Service-  We offer local delivery service. Maybe you just bought a piece of furniture off the internet  or a brand new energy efficient washer/dryer,  new living room set or bedroom set and need it delivered. Why pay the store deliver them when you can hire professional movers to deliver it unharmed. Some delivery companies will only deliver to your front door or worse yet, to your curb. We will bring it in and place it exactly where it belongs.
  • Assembly of furniture- We provide assembly and dis-assembly service of new or used furniture. Much of today’s furniture and office furnishings come in a box ready for assembly but you don’t have the proper tools or patience to read the instructions in five languages. We will gladly put them together and secure all fasteners for a solid piece that will remain together for years to come.
  • Specialized Shipping – If you need something shipped across the country that you need extra special packing or padding to ensure it survives the delivery service trucks and warehouse we can pack it up and get it ready for you to ship. Some E-Bay customers really enjoy our professional services.
  • GLTB Friendly – We recognize that our G.L.T.B. community deserves the utmost respect and professional moving services without feeling like they are being judged or treated differently. You are allowing strangers into your home or apartment and deserve  to be treated equal. We are a gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual friendly moving company.

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