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images333There are several things that can affect the total moving charges with local moving. We will cover both types of local moving quotes and some of the unique ways to lower your moving cost. Here is what you need to know. By clicking on this link you can submit your inventory and get an exact guaranteed Flat Rate Quote. Get an instant quote, call 623-374-5696

We do not contract out our work. We are not a broker or a middle man. All quotes are from Frontier Apt Movers. All work will be performed by our company movers.

A flat rate moving quote is based on the inventory and moving conditions that you provide our online form or directly with our office. The quote is only as accurate as the information that you provide. Anything that you add on or take off the list will affect the total price. The final charges will be based on the actual items that will be moved. Keep in mind that a flat rate quote is not the same as an estimate. A flat rate price is an exact price. An estimate is only an estimate. When you fill out our flat rate form and submit it to us online we will return your moving quote with an exact price to move your items. Please be as specific as you possibly can.

Your moving quote will be based on specific criteria; here are a few examples such as:

  • Exact furniture to be moved
  • Mileage between locations
  • Long carry from parking area
  • Stairs – inside or outside
  • Elevators and access to elevator
  • Shrink wrap service
  • Special handling such as antique
  • Dis assembly or reassembly
  • Additional stops

We also offer an hourly rate that is based on time and a one time trip charge. You can view our Hourly Rates and decide which best suites your budget and moving needs.gotmovecom-040

One advantage of using the flat rate is that you will get an exact guaranteed moving price that will not change unless you change your information. It can be beneficial for those folks that want a fixed set moving price to count on for their budget because we all know that relocating can bring surprise expenses.

Another advantage is that you won’t be on the clock as it’s not based on time. The drive time between your residences is included in your price so if your movers are stuck in traffic the clock is not ticking on your wallet. Although, your poor planning could result in extra waiting fees such as not having your lease signed, forgetting your keys, etc. The movers will need to be able to get in and do their jobs without delay. There are many advantages to using our flat rate for your moving needs but it will ultimately be your decision which will best fit your situation.

Hourly and flat rates can vary from the time of the year that you are moving right down to the day you are moving. Moving rates are generally lower during the winter months when moving is less in demand. Rates are generally lower during the week. The best moving prices are during the middle of week and middle of the month. Moving companies are usually very busy at the end of the month and the beginning of the month. Getting your move scheduled a few weeks ahead may also save you some money. If you are the type that often puts things off until the last minute chances are you could receive a higher quote than those that get your quote early. The old saying may be true in this case “The early bird gets his worm”.

Let’s use an average Phoenix movers hourly rate of $60.00 per hour for this example. If you are paying $60.00 per hour, that comes out to a dollar a minute for your movers to be there.

The more prepared that you are the less your move will cost you. Time is money in this case. There are several things you can do to same your self some money. One simple example is you could prepare your book cases by lowering all the shelves to the bottom and remove the shelf pins putting them in a sealed baggie. You can remove your own lamp shades and light bulbs from your lamps and that can save you a few dollars. The more prepared that you are for you movers the quicker it will move along and your movers will appreciate your readiness. You will want to browse through our website and read all of our moving tips and tricks to see how you can save money. Give us a call today 623-374-5696

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