Prepare For Moving Day

Prepare for moving day

Proper preparation on your part will help to assure a smooth transfer of your belongings. By taking some important steps prior to moving day you will eliminate timely and costly delays. It is important to supply your moving consultant representative with any last minute pertinent information about your move to avoid confusion, lost time or extra charges.

It is essential to have your leases signed / paper work and agreements taken care of before move day and have your keys in your possession so you will be ready to move in without delay. Remember your Phoenix movers have a schedule to keep and may have another move to perform after yours. If your move is an hourly move based on time it will be to your advantage to wrap up all of your loose ends before move day.

It will be helpful to have detailed knowledge of your new neighborhood or apartment building and the quickest route there. Check at both locations for availability of parking. Keep in mind that large moving vans are very tall in height and cannot drive under parking shelters, carports, inside of parking ramps or low hanging trees or buildings. Having to park a great distance from your door (normally increments of 120 feet) will necessitate a time consuming shuttle or long carry and will raise your moving cost.

The availability of a service elevator for multi-floor office buildings or apartments is recommended. Be sure to make prior arrangements to secure the use of the elevator for the entire duration of the move. Arrange to secure a special key to hold it while the movers are in and out so it doesn’t get used by other occupants. Be sure to secure an elevator that is large enough to fit your largest piece of furniture. This will prevent the movers from having to disassemble your furniture even further or finding other ways to move your items.

It is recommended to arrange for a baby sitter or have another adult present to entertain young children. Moving with young children can distract you and your valuable attention from your move. It may also be unsafe if a child gets in the way of the movers carrying heavy furniture. We also recommend prior arrangements for a pet sitter or even drop them off with your pet groomer for the duration of the move. Moving with pets they can become very anxious and confused during your move and the stress is not healthy for older pets. You may even consider clearing out a spare room to detain your pets while your move is in progress.

Please avoid waxing or oiling wooden antiques and fine wood furniture before your move. Some products may soften the wood making it vulnerable to imprinting from our heavy duty moving pads. It also makes furniture slippery and difficult for our movers to handle them.

Please avoid watering your plants and trees in pots if we are moving them. Over spill of the water draining from them will soil our moving pads and create a mess in our moving vans. The water can also be absorbed into your other furniture and belongings. Water can create damage that is not easily repairable. It can also add to the weight of the plant making it more difficult to move.

Tips to expedite your move:

(Not required but recommended)

1. Relax – with proper planning you should be ready. You are in good hands now.

2. Remove linens from all of the beds. Although we are very careful, a fitted sheet may be left on to help protect against soiling. Water beds will need to be fully drained and mattress places in a box.

3. Please have your pets caged, secured in a separate room, or arrange for a pet sitter.

4. Clear and clean off walk ways and paths to loading area. Movers will generally begin loading sofas, armories, and large – tall items first.

5. Turn off or re-direct sprinkler systems that could spray or overflow onto walk-ways and driveways.

6. Open blinds and curtains – lighten up each room. If the room does not have natural lighting please leave a lamp in the room.

7. Remove shelves from bookcases. Remove glass shelves from TV stands, curio cabinets, china cabinets, hutches, etc. Please remove shelf pins and place them in a sealed plastic bag as these are easily misplaced or lost.

We encourage you to be fully prepared and ready to greet your movers as they arrive. Please call our office at 623-374-5696 with any questions, concerns or last minute changes. We at Frontier Apt Movers hope you enjoy your new place of residence and wish you the best of wishes. We have much more information throughout our website that could be beneficial to your relocation and moving day. Thank you for taking the time to read our movers guides and helpful information.

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