Moving With Children

Moving With Children

We are a family owned and operated business and we are a family oriented moving company. In today’s time and era, we as parents seem to be getting more involved in our children’s lives and encouraging them to become part of our every day decisions. We have put together a short moving with kids guide and we hope to share some ideas that could help eliminate some stress and keep your family strong during a stressful event such as moving.

We all know that leaving our friends behind can be a heart breaking event. Imagine how it will feel to your child. This will probably be the most difficult thing for your child to encounter so far in his/her life. Try to be understanding as you explain the details of why you must move. Moving is just a part of life that most of us will encounter at least once in our life time. It can be made into a positive and fun adventure even when the reason why we must move is negative.

Turn your move into a healthy and positive experience. Let’s turn it into a fun and exiting family adventure. Perhaps the most important tip is to communicate. Have family meetings and listen to your children. Talk about their feelings, fears and desires. Validate their feelings and encourage them to speak freely. This will take a huge amount of stress off your family because we all know that unhappy children can put a quick halt on a peaceful day.

Allow and encourage your children to become active participants in your entire moving process. This is an essential and is strongly recommended. Try to involve them in every aspect of the planning and organizing. They will need these skills when they are out on their own and it is our responsibility to teach them properly and set examples. They can help decide what is important to bring along or leave behind. They can help delegate which parts of the move they would like to take part in.

Remember to assign them certain task that they are capable of handling. They will feel like they are being helpful, such as labeling boxes or they could pack their own rooms. Depending on their age and ability, every child should be able to contribute something to getting ready for the move. Your kids may surprise you with new and fresh ideas that you never thought of before.

Try to generate some excitement about the new adventure. Encourage your child or children to research the new location and community on the internet or at the library. They could find some really cool facts and history about your new town. They could read about their new school, upcoming events, town attractions, etc.

Talk with your children at one of your family meetings of how they can stay in touch with their existing friends. Maybe you buy them a journal or an address book where their friends can write down their own addresses giving it that personal look and feel. Explain to them how they will make new friends and how each person we meet will touch our lives in one way or another and that meeting more friends is a positive thing.

Discuss throwing a special “going away party” with them. This will give them something to plan themselves and they will look forward to it as they get their minds moving into the right direction for those that are digging their feet into the ground about moving.

The older your children are the more they should be involved with the move. Let them help decide how to arrange the new home. Let them choose design and colors of their own bedrooms. They could even help direct the movers where to place items provided they are responsible enough to be put into that position. If they aren’t, now might be a good time to guide them into it.

We at Frontier Apt Movers are dedicated to your moving experience and we hope these tips help in some way to make your moving with kids go a little smoother. We wish you a positive moving experience with your children and we hope your family grows stronger from the fun and exiting adventure. If you have any comments feel free to leave them or call us at 623-374-5696

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