Moving Elderly

Moving elderly into a home

Unfortunately moving our elderly folks or grandparents into a care facility is something most of us will have to face sometime during our lifetime. Making this decision alone is not recommended unless you are the only person available or capable of making the decisions. If you have been their caretaker this may not be an easy task and talking to your family member about such a move can be extremely difficult, bringing with it feelings of failure and guilt that you didn’t do more. The truth is sometimes it’s for the best interest of the elderly person for many obvious reasons.

There are special considerations and ways to discuss the moving topic with them about moving into a special care facility, assisted living, nursing home, group home, etc.  It normally takes time for them to adjust to the idea. They can be stubborn, deny they need help or simply refuse to think about it.

Unfortunately, sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. It might take something dreadful such as the elderly person falling down, forgetting to pay the light bill and having their electricity shut off or even worse getting their home broke into in the middle of the night. Even then they may not accept the idea of moving.

Tips for talking to them:

1. Be aware that both you and your older family member have varying feelings that are attached to this decision. Make sure you recognize them and address them fully. Remain calm because raised voices or outward displays of anger or resentment will only make matters worse. This can be a highly stressful and emotional subject to bring up. Take it slow and think it through very well.

2. Give other family members a chance to react to this decision and listen to their concerns and fears. They could have very good advice or some experience with these matters. They may also be a better negotiator and be able to talk to him or her easier. Some people have more patience and are gifted in these areas.

3. Speak calmly and truthfully. Explain it in practical terms why it’s the right decision for them to move into a care facility. They will need medical expertise or round the clock attention that you cannot provide. You want them to be safe and well cared for. It is not advisable to tell them it will easier on the family, you are just too stressed to care for them, etc.

4. Absolutely do not make false promises such as “If you don’t like it, you can move back”.

5. This is a difficult time for them too maybe even more so than you. Reassure them that you and your family will continue to be actively involved in their life. If you can imagine how they might feel, it could feel like you are abandoning them. Knowing that you will continue to see each other on a regular basis will help them to feel connected and still a part of the family.

6. Let them help make some of the decisions. They could help with choosing the facility. They could help decide what to leave and what to take, room colors, furniture arrangement, etc.

7. If they are having a difficult time accepting this decision, allow them time to absorb and process the thoughts. You may even consult a professional that is experienced in these matters. Sometimes it helps to have a neutral outside party speak with them.

Preparation For Moving Day:

1. It is important to speak frankly and clearly about the move. Talk about all aspects of the move and the new living situations. Many drastic changes will affect daily living such as cooking, changing doctors, even their hair dressers. Doing some research ahead of time will greatly reduce anxiety.

2. Start preparation early by downsizing personal belongings. They don’t move as quickly as they used to physically or mentally so give them plenty of time to prepare and adjust as this will save a lot of frustration on your part.

3. Visit the place they will be moving to. Let them meet the staff and see the living area they will be. This will give them a mental picture to process and give them something to look forward to provided they are willing moving.

4. Help them sort and pack over a time period that is comfortable for them. Start with easy rooms such as bathrooms or guest bedrooms and work your way up to the rooms where family heirlooms and fond memorable photos. This can be an emotional process for them.

5. It is best to allow them to help in deciding what to take when ever this is possible. You could help with difficult decisions by suggesting alternatives such as giving items to other family members or donating them to charity. Just keep in mind that sentimental items such as photos are necessary for their comfort.

6. Speak with your Phoenix movers well in advance. Try to choose a comfortable moving day if this is possible. Weekends and holidays are big moving days and probably booked up solid so it may not be a good moving day for a senior as your movers might be on a tight schedule and not have the extra time for chit chat. You will also want to alert us of any special needs and concerns. If the move involves hospital beds, medial equipment, oxygen tanks, etc. you may need to seek a medical equipment professional to be sure these items can be moved by a standard moving company.

Moving day:
1. Explain to them how the day will go and the sequence of events. Tell them what time the movers will arrive. There will be a lot of activity and disruptions compared to their typical daily routine. Make sure they get plenty of rest the night before.

2. Be sure to keep all of their medications with you. We suggest an overnight bag with some important belongings. The last thing you want to be doing is looking through boxes for their medications.

3. When your movers arrive be sure to introduce each of them by name.

4. We will without a doubt take special care to move all of their items safely but it might be helpful to your loved one if you point out to your movers of any sentimental or special items. Your movers will understand that you want to be sure we are aware of it.

5. Take a deep breath you are in good hands now. Assure your loved ones that you chose a very reputable and caring Phoenix moving company that has very professional movers.

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