Important Information For Moving Day


Please avoid waxing / oiling antiques and fine wood furniture before your move. Some products may soften the wood making it vulnerable to imprinting from furniture pads.

Dressers: All tops need to be cleared off, only clothes or non-fragile items can be left inside. It’s not a good idea to leave loose items such as coins,  jewelry, or anything that could slip out of drawers.

Electronics: Televisions, Stereos, Computers, etc.: Please unplug and disconnect all wires. Place wires and cables in a box.

Desk and File Cabinets: Please clear them off and fully empty all of the contents.

Beds: Please remove all linens. A fitted sheet may be left on if you choose.     (Water beds need to be fully drained and mattresses placed in a box.)

Appliances: Refrigerators and Freezers: Please empty all contents. (Disconnect water lines)

China Cabinets, Buffets, and Curio Cabinets: Please empty all contents. Glass shelves will also need to be removed. If you are uncomfortable doing this your self, movers can remove the shelves.

Boxes: Please pack very carefully. Be sure all boxes are closed and sealed with tape or have tight fitting lids. Movers retain the right to refuse moving unsafe or open boxes.

Grills: Please remove propane tank- due to liability and federal law. If your grill is charcoal, please empty all ashes and use a large trash bag to cover your grill.

Dis assembly and Reassembly service: Please be advised, if you need us to do extra work that is not listed on the contract, there will be extra charges:

(There are no extra charges for dis assembly or reassembly on hourly moves.)

A. Mirror, attached: on or off dresser                      Up to $8.00 each
B. Bunk bed: Disassemble or Reassemble               Up to $40.00 each
C. Post bed: Disassemble or Reassemble                 Up to $20.00 each
D. Pier group bed or bridge: Dis. or reassemble   Up to $40.00 each
E. Refrigerator doors: Remove or Replace             Up to $25.00 each

Payment: You will be expected to pay for services once the truck is loaded at the pick-up address. If you an hourly contract move, payment will be collected before the truck is completely unloaded.

We do accept: Visa, Master Card, Novus/Discover, money order, cashier’s check, and cash.  Combined payment is also accepted. We do not accept American Express or wooden nickles.

Tips: Are not required, but they are appreciated. Movers receive all tips. The office does not keep any form of tip. Please do not ask your movers to do extra work and call it a tip. Extra work equals extra charges. A tip is a gratuity. Remember, tips are not required.

Please call our office 24 hours BEFORE your move day to confirm your scheduled arrival time, and to notify us if there are any changes to your inventory or moving conditions that we need to be aware of. 623-374-5696

On-site price list varies from the office. Movers cannot subtract from your price, although, they can add on extra items if needed.

We really appreciate your business. We hope that our relocating services exceed all of your expectations. Please, tell your family and friends about us. We encourage you to write a review about our services.

Thank you once again for moving with Frontier Apt Movers 623-374-5696

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