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refrigerator water pressure

Refrigerator water pressure
Typically moving companies do not disconnect or reconnect your water lines from your refrigerator. If you attempt to do this your self be sure you prepare your self with the proper tools and safety equipment.
1) Pull your refrigerator away from the wall being careful not to stretch the water line too far.
2) Locate [...]

Moving company scams movers in Phoenix

We arrived to our scheduled move one morning to find that another moving company was already there and still loading our customers belongings. We noticed the surprised look on everybody’s face when we pulled up closer to the home.
As we approached the home the customer realized that she and her husband are being moved by [...]

Moving expenses are tax deductible

Moving Expenses are tax deductible:
If you are moving or have already moved to a new location for employment you may be eligible for some nice tax breaks. Be sure to keep legible records and save your receipts. Moving expenses and deductions have changed a lot over the years so you will need to seek advice [...]

How to avoid moving scams in Phoenix

Avoid Moving Scams
There seems to be a few fly by night moving companies in Phoenix that are out to take your money and even keep your belongings for extra payment. You hear about it occasionally in the media and from other folks that have been victim of these moving scams. There is a lot of [...]

Loading Your Rental Truck

Loading A Rental Truck
We are professional movers in Phoenix and our Phoenix movers are well known for the skills we use on a daily bases. We will give you a few ideas how to load a truck and hope you get the idea. If you want to read other articles or moving and packing tips [...]

Apartment Moving – Self Move

Apartment moving
Apartment moving is the most common moving in the moving industry. Apartment moving has the least amount of challenges and is normally easier and quicker to perform. The furniture is normally smaller to better suite the size of living quarters and people usually have less to move such as no appliances, lawn and garden [...]

Phoenix Movers GotMove Movers in Phoenix

Phoenix Movers

Welcome to our new website blog. We are very proud movers in Phoenix to offer our professional moving services to the metropolitan local Phoenix area, and all of Arizona. We have the most respected movers in Phoenix that the moving industry has to offer. Our office staff and our Phoenix movers are fully [...]