How to avoid moving scams in Phoenix

Avoid Moving Scams

There seems to be a few fly by night moving companies in Phoenix that are out to take your money and even keep your belongings for extra payment. You hear about it occasionally in the media and from other folks that have been victim of these moving scams. There is a lot of warning out here for that so please get educated and make your self aware.

We received a phone call from a return customer of Frontier Apt Movers to get a new moving quote to move her again. We gave her a quote with a 5% discount for returning back to us and she scheduled the move on our hourly rates. Two weeks later she called the office to ask if we could discount her move any further as she received a coupon on her door in her town of Anthem that was offering a special deal with cheaper rates. We visited the website of the company and noticed the special deal was really true. This was brought to the owners attention and we do offer competitive pricing but this time we could not match the other moving companies rates. With much regret we had to tell her that we were not able to compete with those low rates. The moving rates that were offered would have only paid for our movers hourly wages not including any fuel or operating cost.

The owner of Frontier Apt Movers became suspicious of how they could offer such low rates and remain in business unless it was a scam. We went back to the website and found if you clicked on the banner ad it would take you to another page that explained the extra fees and charges. The company did not accept checks or credit cards. The extra labor fees, fuel surcharges, mileage, etc ended up costing her almost double that day.

The best way to avoid moving scams is to do a little research. If the price seems low it could be a scam. There are many ways to take precautions. You can check with the better business bureau, corporation records, references, etc. You should at least go online to visit the Phoenix moving company website and browse through each page. If the hourly moving rates or the flat rate quote is not clear chances are your final invoice will reflect it.

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