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The success of Frontier Apt Movers has come from hard work and extreme dedication.  We are of the highest quality movers in the area and thanks to our new and  repeat customers we are moving to the highest levels of performance and recognition.

When you choose Frontier Apt Movers for your moving needs you are getting an entire team to support you throughout your entire moving experience with a personalized approach to your moving needs. We are the movers that care and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get your move safely done.

You can count on us as professional movers to give you a stress free moving experience. Let our years of experience care for you and your family. Call us today for your discounted moving quote at 623-374-5696

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moving phoenix to tucson

Exclusive Moving Tucson To Phoenix

We at Frontier Apt Movers thrive to expand our professional services through the entire state of Arizona. We are proud to announce our latest progress and exclusive moving to Tucson from Phoenix. We have added our new page for our professional moving service Tucson to Phoenix to our find a mover directory .

If you are planning a move to Tucson from Phoenix or moving Phoenix from Tucson you may require an exclusive move service. We provide exclusive one way travel from your current residence to your new residence. This means that your belongs will arrive in just a few hours, not a few days or weeks. Your belongings will not be packed in the truck with other loads going to the same area or other areas. You can count on Frontier Apt Movers to deliver your belongings right away.

Get a moving quote from Phoenix to Tucson. Get your direct move and your custom move quote. Your price is based on your inventory, moving conditions and mileage and is guaranteed to not exceed the written quote unless you change your original request.

We have been providing professional moving service and Phoenix moving company services since 2002 and we continue to serve Arizona as we expand into other Arizona cities.

Call today for your flat rate moving quote 623-374-5696 or click Get a moving quote Tucson to Phoenix

refrigerator water pressure

Refrigerator water pressure

Typically moving companies do not disconnect or reconnect your water lines from your refrigerator. If you attempt to do this your self be sure you prepare your self with the proper tools and safety equipment.

1) Pull your refrigerator away from the wall being careful not to stretch the water line too far.

2) Locate your water shut off valve. These are normally found behind the refrigerator or under your sink. If you cannot locate a shut off valve you may consider shutting off the main water supply to the entire house or call a qualified plumber.

2) Using a small end wrench that fits the couplers tightly or using an adjustable wrench or pliers turn the fittings until they are finger lose then spin them off until the hose is completely removed. Be sure to use a cap fitting on the end so water does not leak or spray out when the water is turned back on.

When reconnecting your refrigerator to a water supply be sure to use a new filter and do not over tighten your water connection. Be sure to slowly turn the water on and wait for the pressure to build up before normal use. Use caution when rolling refrigerator back into place, watching carefully for your water line to roll up evenly and not getting kinked up.

Refrigerator Moving:

It is important to know that if you have a stainless steel refrigerator and plan to use shrink wrap you will need to wrap a moving pad, sheet, blanket, etc. over the areas that are important to you. The shrink wrap against the surface can actually cause marks and damage to the surface if left for very long, setting in heat or long trips.

Before you go through the trouble of wrapping the surface be sure to measure correctly to see if the refrigerator will fit through your door way. You may need to remove the refrigerator doors or handles.

If you have any questions please call 623-374-5696 one of our professional movers will be glad to answer any of your concerns or questions. If you are in the Phoenix area and would like to hire professional movers please visit Phoenix Movers professionals

Moving company scams movers in Phoenix

We arrived to our scheduled move one morning to find that another moving company was already there and still loading our customers belongings. We noticed the surprised look on everybody’s face when we pulled up closer to the home.

As we approached the home the customer realized that she and her husband are being moved by another moving company that they did not hire. They quickly stopped all work in progress with only one more item to load. They made a few phone calls to the office of the moving truck that was sitting in their drive way. The moving company tried to tell our customer that they scheduled the move and even confirmed with them the day before.

The customer insisted the movers unload every piece of furniture from their truck immediately. They were forced to pay out a sum of money for work already performed or they would retain property until it was paid. So the customer paid it.

Once the other moving company left the residence the customer put a hold on the credit card and reported the company.

Whew!!! The customer never looked at the company name on the moving truck and didn’t think anything of it when the movers arrived early and ready to work. Our customer stated that she called three moving companies for quotes two weeks prior and they were one of them. She gave them the moving date and her physical address and that’s all they needed.

Please beware of shaky moving companies in Phoenix that are out to scam your business. It is highly recommended to give minimal information about your actual location when you are only asking for a quote and never ever give a credit card number over the phone before your move is performed.

You should be able to obtain a moving quote in Phoenix with your zip code and your general location such as major cross streets and city name. You will be asked several questions about the details of the move such as items to be moved, square foot of residence, stairs or long carry, etc. You will also be asked for location of new residence. It is highly recommended to give minimal information of new location.

If this has ever happened to you or someone you know we would like to hear about your experience. Please do not include company names or trademark information.

Frontier Apt movers


Hiring service contractors

Hiring Service Contractors:

We hire service contractors for many reasons such as movers, roofers, landscape,  painters, and the list goes on. Much of the time we tend to base our decisions on price, reputation, and of course quality of work. These are very important but let’s not forget responsiveness.

How many times have you called a service company and got a voice mail or the secretary that ask you for your name and number so someone can call you back? What happens if you have an emergency or something goes wrong while the work is under way and you need to contact the office?

A poll found that 61 percent of callers always leave a message expressing interest in hiring the companies they call when their call goes to voice mail. Two-thirds of those that leave a message expect a call back that day. Nearly one-third said a follow-up call is important, and they will hire someone else if they don’t hear back from a company within a couple of days.
Most customers become frustrated when service companies don’t return their phone calls. Being able to easily contact someone from the company you hire is important because if something goes wrong, you want to know that you will be able to get a hold of them right away.

A company’s lack of communication could be a result of an over whelming amount of business – they are just too busy to return every phone call. Other companies may be short staffed.  If the contractor was performing their services at your residence you would want them to give the job 100%. Taking complete care of a current customer is way more important than taking on more work that you can’t handle at that moment. It just shows that the company is more interested in quality over quantity.

Frontier Apt Movers says homeowners can take steps to improve the lines of communication:

1) Ask the contractor for the best ways of communication and what time is best to reach them. Do they prefer in person, by phone, fax or email? Get as many contact numbers and emails, including mobile phones, as possible before the job begins.

2) Use your patience and planning abilities.  If yours can’t wait, it will show and your pocket book will reflect it in such an emergency. Don’t be discouraged by a contractor who can’t get you an estimate right away. Often, the good ones are busy.

3)  Be flexible and accommodate contractors by meeting them during normal business hours, rather than requiring an evening or weekend appointment.

It’s not always wise to choose the largest, most colorful ad in the phone book or the first one on your Google search. Many companies have plenty of marketing power to advertise relentlessly and purchase expensive memberships to rely on a new customer each time for business. Others get by with repeat business and word of mouth.

It always makes sense to call around for rates and quotes. It also gives us an opportunity to interact with the company so we can feel them out and ask questions. Be sure to have a list of important questions to ask them when you call them. The quality of their answers to your questions will give you a good impression of how they operate.

Ask your friends, family and co-workers for references. You can also do an internet search according to business type with search terms such as reviews, scams, complaints, etc. Example for movers: type in “Phoenix movers reviews“, “home builder scams”, etc.

Things to consider when hiring contractors:

1) Reliability

2) Reputation, reviews

3) Price, total cost

4) Availability

5) Professionalism

6) Warranty

7) Insurance

8) Qualified employees

9) BBB reports, whether they are members or not

10) Licensed

Moving expenses are tax deductible

Moving Expenses are tax deductible:

If you are moving or have already moved to a new location for employment you may be eligible for some nice tax breaks. Be sure to keep legible records and save your receipts. Moving expenses and deductions have changed a lot over the years so you will need to seek advice from your tax professional or you can read publication 521, IRS moving expenses to know what is tax deductible and how to claim it.

Household goods and personal effects

You can deduct the cost of movers, moving services, packing, crating, and transporting your household items and personal effects and belongings of the members of your household. “Personal effects” includes, but are not limited to, movable personal property that the tax payer owns and frequently uses.

Deductible moving expenses

Storage expenses:

You may include the cost of temporary storing and insuring household belongings and personal effects. It needs to be within any period of 30 consecutive days after your things are moved from your previous home and before they are delivered to your new home.

Travel expenses:

You may deduct the cost of transportation for yourself and the members of your household while you are traveling directly from your previous to your new destination. This also includes misc. expenses for the day you arrive. You may claim flights, truck rental, fuel, moving labor, parking fees, toll roads, etc.  Claiming mileage is 27 cents per mile as of June 30, 2008

The members of your household do not have to travel together or at the same time. However, you can only deduct expenses for one trip per person.

You cannot deduct the cost of moving furniture you buy on the way to your new home.

Lodging expenses:

You may include any lodging expenses you had in the area of your previous home within one day after you could no longer live in your former home such as, your furniture had been moved. Lodging can be claimed for the duration of travel to your new home. You may also claim the day you arrive at your destination new home.

Typical deductions:

You may deduct the costs of disconnecting or connecting utilities required when you are moving.

You may deduct the cost of shipping your vehicle and moving your household pets from your previous home to your new home. You may also deduct the cost of moving or moving services for your items from a place other than your previous home but it’s limited to the amount it would have cost to move them items from your previous home.

Work Related moving:

Not all moves are deductible. You will need to meet certain criteria and rules. It doesn’t matter if it is “work related”, as long as you have a full time job within 13 weeks at the new location. It will not matter if you were transferred by your employer or you accepted a brand new job.

Qualified moving expenses are treated as an adjustment to your income. This means that you can deduct them whether or not you itemize deductions. You’ll need file Form 1040 (the long form) and attach IRS form 3903.

Phoenix Locksmith

Phoenix Locksmiths – ASAP Lock and Security

Security is a huge deal now days and the dishonest people are searching for an opportunity to rip you off. Why take an unnecessary chance when being safe is smarter. When you get all moved into your new residence or office you really should consider re-keying your locks. Who has a copy of a key to your property? Could be former tenants, the previous owner, the old house keeper, baby sitters, friends and family, neighbors, and the list goes on. Even when you purchase or build a brand new home many service and warranty workers have a service key that fits your lock.

The cost of re-keyed cylinders is cheaper than a whole new lock and the re-assurance is well worth the hassle of calling one of those professional locksmith trucks to visit your home. Once you close on your home or sign leases it is highly recommended to call your local Phoenix locksmith.

We highly recommend Phoenix Arizona’s ASAP Lock and Security, for all of your questions about locks. They are locksmith experts in the field of security and protection. They can answer all of your security related questions and advise you of any security weaknesses, failures, or upgrades that may be needed.

How about your pool safety locks? We have all heard about accidental drowning of children in the valley and the reasons are gates were lacking on the premises or because of faulty locks and latches. Do not let this happen to you or your loved ones. Get secure, get safe, get ASAP Lock And Security. They are centrally located and have fully-equipped service vehicles spread out through the valley so they are always close by.

If you are considering calling a Phoenix locksmith for any reason, you really should read this article about Phoenix Locksmith frauds.  after you read it, you’ll understand why it’s good to get a local Phoenix locksmith who has been recommended to you! Call them 480-380-2080

Tips to selling my home in phoenix fast

Tips to selling my home in Phoenix

Selling a home in today’s market can be frustrating and even stressful. At one time it was considered a sellers market. Many homes were selling above appraised value especially in growing cities such as Phoenix. Bidding wars and waiting list are something of the past here in Phoenix. Many folks are just looking to sell their homes, call the movers in Phoenix and get out of the upside down mortgage they are in. These guys know this better than anyone If you are looking to sell a home or purchase a home in Greely, Co. you really need to check these folks out.

It’s a buyers market right now. The seller is ultimately powerless in these times. Staging your home for sale can be easy with a little creativity and some guidance from the professionals. Do some research and find what is working and what is not. We have a few ideas for you to get you into motion.

1. Pictures are worth a thousand words: It is extremely important to have your home looking the best it can. According to reality industry research, nearly 90% of home buyers in Phoenix now research homes online. So it’s very important that your house be staged and looking it’s best before the photos are taken to post online.

2. First impressions: A buyer will see what’s on the outside of your house first. Freshly cut grass, manicured shrubs, swept sidewalks and a power washed driveway will appeal to the buyer and look inviting to them. Avoid cluttered driveways and yard space.

3. Clutter creates confusion: It is vital to remove all of your clutter from the outdoors to the indoors. It is best to start packing now and give away, yard sale or even rent a storage unit to eliminate any extras you won’t need in the next 6 months.

4. Don’t take it personal: Remove all photos, college degrees and other personal effects from your walls. The potential buyer wants to imagine themselves living there and too many reminders of your family can make them feel as if they are invading someone’s home. You will want to make it neutral but appealing to them.

5.  Personality appeal: The professional home real estate stager research the types of people who buy homes in your Phoenix demographic neighborhood and adjust the home to suit the potential buyer. If most buyers in your area are family’s with children, it will be best to keep the bedrooms as kids bedrooms. If more singles are searching in your area, consider staging one of the bedrooms as an office or home gym.

6. Neutral to drive: Keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste in decorating and design. The less personal belongings you keep inside the more the potential buyer can use his/her imagination of how they would like it. Consider fresh paint that is neutral in color. New carpet or tile if needed. Clean all of your windows and glass.
You might want to consider seeking a professional in the real estate industry to get your home ready to sell. There are several in the Phoenix area. When you sell and are ready to call on professional Phoenix movers give us a call for a free moving quote 623-374-5696

Phoenix movers self storage Phoenix storage units charts tips

Self Storage Units – Phoenix Movers

The use of movers and self storage units in Phoenix have become very popular in the past decade as storing household belongings is becoming necessary to us.  We are relocating in record numbers due to careers, home sales, divorces, foreclosures, and the list goes on.

When you hire professional Phoenix movers and rent a Phoenix self storage unit you expect that all of your belongings will tightly fit into your storage unit. You expect that you can count on your Phoenix movers to pack your storage safely and properly. You will find some helpful tips below to ensure that your belongings will remain safe while in storage.

Storage – Appliances

We recommend your refrigerator and freezers be thoroughly dry and ventilated by leaving the doors slightly ajar. This will prevent odors and mold from forming as they are typically air tight.  Some goods may be stored inside of them such as small boxes and miscellaneous items. Be sure stoves and ranges are cleaned before storage as they will attract rodents and bugs.  Your Phoenix movers should be able to provide you with helpful tips at the time of your move.

Storage – Furniture

Stand sofas and love seats on end in a protective bag or at least a movers pad at the bottom end. These are typically stored and moved standing upright on end. Cushions can be stored in a bag and placed on top of the sofas.

Do not store a table on it’s legs unless nothing will be placed on top of it. We recommend disassemble of the legs or flip it over to store it on top of a tier of cartons. Dining chairs can be placed on a top tier of cartons with the “seat to seat” this should bring you to ceiling height to occupy all of your usable space. Your Phoenix movers will have that mastered.

Storage – Mirrors, Glass tops, Screens and windows

These items must be stored upright on edge. Never lay them flat. It is best to wrap them in some cardboard, bubble wrap, spare sheets, blankets or purchase some storage moving pads from your Phoenix movers. It is best to store them in between the wall studs of your storage unit or between your mattress and box springs. You may even choose to store them near the door but whatever location you choose, you should place so cardboard on the floor for extra protection.

Storage – Bicycles, Garden Tools, and Metal Items

These items should be wiped down and be free of rust, dirt, grease, etc. You will want to take caution placing these items near any wood finish or fabric. Place them in a tier of their own or stack on the top of any tier to use up the ceiling height. You may even consider wiping them with a light coat of oil to prevent rust. If you decide to coat these items it may be best to wrap them in a sheet. Garden tools can be tied into bundles and coated with oil. Your Phoenix movers likely will not carry this type of oil with them so you will want to prepare before they load your belongings.

Storage – Cartons

Cartons should not have their own tier. Meaning they should never be stacked from the floor to the ceiling. The best place for cartons is on dresser tops, chest of drawers, entertainment centers, etc. Use the large furniture for base and then stack on them. This will prevent your bottom cartons from being crushed and contents from being damaged.

Storage – Phoenix Movers

Obviously we cannot cover every possible piece of furniture to be stored but we hope this gives you some ideas and insight to begin your preparation for arrival of your Phoenix Movers.

Your Phoenix storage facility will be able to help you decide the size unit you will need as they are the professionals in their field. Your Phoenix movers will assist you in ensuring proper loading and packing of your rented storage unit. If you have any moving related questions please call us at 623-374-5696 or email

5′ x 10′
(50 square feet)
Walk-in closet bathroom
Studio or small one
bedroom apartment;
Mattress set, sofa,
chest of drawers or dresser, boxes and small miscellaneous items
Can also hold a single motorcycle
5′ x 15′
(75 square feet)
Large walk-in closet
Standard furnishings from
1 bedroom apartment without appliances or outdoor furniture,
lawn mowers, garden tools, and miscellaneous items
10′ x 10′
(100 square feet)
Average size bedroom
Furnishings from 1 or 2 bedroom  small apartment
with refrigerator, washer/dryer,
small items and boxes
10′ x 15′
(150 square feet)
Large bedroom
Furnishings from
2 or 3 bedroom house or apartment.
Furniture, appliances, boxes and extras; or can hold small vehicle or small boat
10′ x 20′
(200 square feet)
One car garage
Furnishings from a 3 or 4 bedroom house
Furniture, appliances,
boxes and miscellaneous;
or can hold a vehicle or small boat
10′ x 25′
(250 square feet)
Large one car garage
Moving van
Furnishings from a 3 or 4 bedroom house.
Furniture, appliances, garage extras, boxes and miscellaneous;
or can hold vehicle or
small boat along with other small items
10′ x 30′
(300 square feet)
Extra long garage
Furnishings from a 4 or 5 bedroom house.
Furniture, appliances, miscellaneous items and boxes.
(Will hold contents of a 40′ moving van)
Or can hold a vehicle or boat along with other small items and boxes.

How to avoid moving scams in Phoenix

Avoid Moving Scams

There seems to be a few fly by night moving companies in Phoenix that are out to take your money and even keep your belongings for extra payment. You hear about it occasionally in the media and from other folks that have been victim of these moving scams. There is a lot of warning out here for that so please get educated and make your self aware.

We received a phone call from a return customer of Frontier Apt Movers to get a new moving quote to move her again. We gave her a quote with a 5% discount for returning back to us and she scheduled the move on our hourly rates. Two weeks later she called the office to ask if we could discount her move any further as she received a coupon on her door in her town of Anthem that was offering a special deal with cheaper rates. We visited the website of the company and noticed the special deal was really true. This was brought to the owners attention and we do offer competitive pricing but this time we could not match the other moving companies rates. With much regret we had to tell her that we were not able to compete with those low rates. The moving rates that were offered would have only paid for our movers hourly wages not including any fuel or operating cost.

The owner of Frontier Apt Movers became suspicious of how they could offer such low rates and remain in business unless it was a scam. We went back to the website and found if you clicked on the banner ad it would take you to another page that explained the extra fees and charges. The company did not accept checks or credit cards. The extra labor fees, fuel surcharges, mileage, etc ended up costing her almost double that day.

The best way to avoid moving scams is to do a little research. If the price seems low it could be a scam. There are many ways to take precautions. You can check with the better business bureau, corporation records, references, etc. You should at least go online to visit the Phoenix moving company website and browse through each page. If the hourly moving rates or the flat rate quote is not clear chances are your final invoice will reflect it.

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